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The Lost Dungeons of Xon  is an epic series presented through interactive PDFs that offer features beyond traditional RPG modules.
  • Landscape format for optimized use on laptops and tablets
  • Easy navigation to "pop-up" stat blocks by clicking on an NPC or monster's name
  • Quick links from the dungeon map to room and encounter descriptions
  • Hyperlinks to external spell and monster stats
  • Professionally-narrated embedded audio
  • Password-unlockable player content
  • All cover and interior images are photographs of professionally-painted miniatures and gaming accessories
  • Dungeon maps that can easily be built with Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles (optional, if you own them)
  • NPCs and monsters designed specifically to be paired with Reaper Bones miniatures (optional, if you own them)
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Episode 2: Bathed in Blood
Now on Kickstarter!

Xon II: Bathed in Blood - An Epic Hack & Slash Dungeon Crawl -- Kicktraq Mini
Burning Yeti Studios is a team of highly experienced gamers and creative professional with a proven record in the gaming and publishing industries.
  • Dave Breen is Burning Yeti's photographer and tech guru. He is also the owner of GameKnight Products, Inc. and has launched three successful Kickstarter campaigns selling custom poker chips designed specifically for gamers.
  • Jeff Hannes is Burning Yeti's lead writer and web developer. He previously worked as Senior Editor for InQuest Gamer magazine and has written material for Iron Crown Enterprises and Last Unicorn Games. He has also written two fantasy novels.
  • Joel Lytle is Burning Yeti's master of all things business. He is also a former owner of the All About Games! retail store.
  • Michael Searle is Burning Yeti's graphic designer. He was Executive Editor of InQuest Gamer and has written over 50 published strategy guides for video games.
February 26, 2015

The Lost Dungeons of Xon interactive e-Module now available on Kickstarter

Burning Yeti Studios, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for The Lost Dungeons of Xon: The Crucible, a roleplaying e-Module that offers features beyond traditional RPG supplements.

The Crucible is the first episode of an epic story and is designed for 3-6 1st-level characters. The module, which will be available in its entirety to backers who pledge as little as $1, will support three of the most popular fantasy roleplaying systems: Pathfinder, 5th Edition, and Old School 1st Edition. Each system will have its own PDF, with encounters adjusted and tailored specifically to that system's rules and game mechanics.

The module has been developed with many state-of-the-art features, including embedded professionally-narrated audio, "pop-up" stat blocks, clickable links to external spell and monster links, quick-click navigation to room and encounter descriptions from an overview map, and more. Kickstarter backers will also receive a companion digital player's guide with "unlockable content" that the GM can give the players access to at the appropriate time.

The Lost Dungeons of Xon is also the first series of modules created specifically to utilize the rewards from two of the gaming industry's most successful Kickstarter campaigns - Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles™ and Reaper's Bones™ Miniatures.

The Kickstarter has already achieved its funding goal, in just under three hours. The campaign will continue until April 27, 2015 and the rewards will be available to backers in June 2015.

Burning Yeti Studios is a group of highly experienced gamers and creative professionals with a proven record in the gaming and publishing industries. Our team of industry professionals includes a three-time successful Kickstarter, a former game store owner, and two former editors from the monthly magazine InQuest Gamer.

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